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About NextUp Solutions

About NextUp Solutions

NextUp Solutions is a premier Agile services provider headquartered in Arlington, VA. Our broad range of Agile offerings are led by certified trainers and experts with backgrounds from a wide assortment of industry sectors, non-profits, and government organizations. With thousands of students over more than a decade, we have seen it all. Our alumni report enhanced overall team experiences, collaboration, and performance.

All training courses are taught in a business context to create a clear link between Agile and everyday workplace situations. Classes are highly engaging with exercises, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, games, and videos interwoven throughout to benefit all types of learners. These courses are certified and accredited by leading organizations in the education and Agile fields, including ScrumAlliance, ICAgile, Kanban University, DevOps Institute, and Scaled Agile. 

NextUp’s coaching and assessment services help businesses seamlessly implement the right Agility solution for their unique needs. Whether a startup or Fortune 500 company, new to Agile or mid-transformation, NextUp’s coaches enable all teams to reach peak performance.

NextUp is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). 

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