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Learning Agile patterns like Scrum or Kanban is easy. Implementing them in the middle of your complex, existing business may not be. The typical enterprise Agile transformation takes 5-8 years; competent coaching can reduce that timeframe while increasing the chances of success. That’s where our staff of expert Agile coaches come in.

Maybe you’re at the start of your Agile transformation and want help crafting a strategy that makes sense for your organization’s specific needs. Perhaps you’re seeing teams go through the motions of a particular Agile approach but they’re struggling to improve or deliver. Maybe your Agile teams are humming along and you’re wondering, “But could we be even better?” Whatever your coaching, planning, or assessment needs, our expert Agile coaches have the experience and proven skills to help you meet your goals.

The NextUp Approach: Delivery, Not Dogma

We’ve trained, led, and coached Agile teams and organizations in every imaginable context. That experience makes our approach to coaching ‘framework agnostic,’ meaning the right Agile method is the one that suits your people and the work they’re doing. We define Agile coaching as a partnership in which we work with you to understand what value means in the context of your business. We then develop a strategy to meet your specific needs drawing from our massive toolbox of Agile methods, practices, and frameworks to implement a tailored solution that supports your pursuit of continuous improvement.

You won’t need us forever: the goal of every coaching partnership is to build your internal capability to establish and improve Agile practices so you can to sustain the momentum of a successful transition after we leave. This means preparing employees not just for the methodology, but the mindset as well.

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Our Agile Coaching Services


Enterprise Agile Transformation:
Working with you to plan a custom Agile transformation strategy that best serves every level of your organization or helping turn around an ongoing transition that’s not delivering the results you need. We begin with an enterprise assessment of your value streams, teams, and structure, then shape a partnership-based approach that preserves what’s working and adapts what isn’t.

SureStart: Agile Team Startup Facilitation:
It can take months for a new Agile team to learn the self-organization and continual improvement patterns that lead to high performance. Our experienced Agile coaches can accelerate the successful formation of new teams through our “SureStart” methodology, which includes certified training for teams in cohorts, embedded coaching through the team’s first iteration, and continued role-specific coaching for your Product Owners and ScrumMasters for up to six additional sprints.

Agile Leadership Coaching:
Business Agility is rated significantly higher when company leaders guide the journey, meaning you need to change the culture of leadership to ensure teams reach their highest potential. Agile teams are best supported by servant leadership that maintains focus on value delivery while creating an environment for experimentation and learning. Our experienced coaches help leaders at levels from the C-suite to those directly managing teams adopt a mindset that nurtures a culture of Agility.

Embedded Team Coaching:
Dedicated full-time attention from an embedded coach can help teams struggling with their transition to a particular framework or that are hamstrung by waterfall-type assumptions in planning, delivery, or performance management. Our coaches partner with your teams to establish a coaching strategy with visible goals and exit criteria, then collaborate with them over successive sprints to overcome obstacles and lay the groundwork for self-improvement.

Agile Coach Assessment:
Is your business well-served by your Agile transition? It can be hard to tell, particularly for enterprises with long time cycles between the actions of teams and business outcomes. Our experienced coaches can assess individual teams, and the enterprise as a whole, with an impartial evaluation of current Agile practices, policies, and tools to give you objective insight into the strengths and challenges of your approach.

Agile Scaling Coaching:
It’s one thing to establish a single high performing Agile team. Larger efforts that involve many teams coordinating often require implementing a formalized Agile scaling framework such as LeSS or SAFe. Our coaches have led and improved scaling practices in many complex environments, and can leverage that experience to tailor a scaling approach that puts you on a path to deliver enterprise value and decrease the coupling of teams over time so that you can nimbly respond to new challenges.

Technical DevOps Coaching:
Our technical coaching staff has the subject matter expertise to help a team optimize and accelerate software development, testing, and delivery practices. Our approach begins with a DevOps Retrospective that maps out the complete value stream of application delivery from development to production, then works with your teams to identify incremental changes to deploy the tooling and practices that make their flow faster and safer.

Public Sector Agility Experts:
Agile transitions in the public sector bring a host of additional challenges not often seen in the private sector. No one has a greater depth of experience leading, coaching, and improving government Agility than the coaches at NextUp. In addition to team and leadership coaching, we can also advise programs on acquisition approaches to effectively buy Agile services and provide an objective assessment of vendors throughout delivery to ensure you’re getting suitable value for taxpayer funds.

Individual Executive Coaching with Leadership Circle 360°:
Great leaders need an array of relational, creative, and introspective competencies to build an environment where people and organizations achieve amazing things. Even when leaders have those tools, their ability to enact positive change can be significantly limited by reactive behavioral patterns that limit our ability to perform and inspire others. NextUp’s executive coaches can help you grow as an individual leader through structured, one-on-one coaching that begins with a Leadership Circle 360 Assessment, then collaboratively defines a path of personal growth to increase your creative competencies and decrease your reactive tendencies.


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