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Agile, Scrum, and Kanban Training Starting at $650

With thousands of students trained in-person and virtually, NextUp’s experts help individuals and organizations effectively respond to change while enhancing product value and employee well-being.

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One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our training and coaching offerings are customizable for your unique business needs.

Top-Tier Agile Experts

There are 270 Certified Scrum Trainers in the world; two are here at NextUp. Our experts are recognized and respected throughout the industry.

Options for All Schedules

With regularly occurring classes both in-person and live online, find trainings and get certified whenever works best for you.

Thinking Beyond Tech

Why limit the Agile mindset to your tech team? We can teach you to scale across teams and industries to minimize delay and reduce waste.

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Looking to partner with an Agile coach?

Learning Agile patterns like Scrum or Kanban is easy. Implementing them in the middle of your existing business may not be. Whatever your coaching, planning, or assessment needs, NextUp’s expert coaches have the experience and skills to help you meet your goals and increase your chance for a successful Agile transformation.

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Agile Training

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