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Agile Training

Suddenly Distributed? Time to Level Up: A Guide for Companies Seeking Productivity in a Remote World

The traditional “office” is on hiatus… now what? As your employees settle in and adjust...

Agile Training | Agile, Certified Scrum Trainer, CST, Scrum, Training

There Are Trainers, And Then There Are CSTs

As Agile frameworks like Scrum have exploded into the mainstream of technology work, so has...

NextUp Solutions

Five Novel Ways to Put Time Back Into Your Workday

“I didn’t get a chance to do that… I don’t have time.” How often do...

Agile Training | Agile, Software Development, Sub-optimization, Testing

Optimize the Whole: Lessons From a Past Tester

Sub-optimization happens when we apply an improvement measure or process to one component of a...

Agile Training | Agile, Scaling

Using Agile in the Government to Make Better Software… and Make Software Better

“All human plans subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one...

Agile Training | Agile, CSM, Training

5 Ways to Grow Your Skills and Career with the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Course

ScrumMasters, raise your hand if you play more than one of these roles daily: team...

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