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Agile Training | Agile, Scrum

3 Reasons Why Agile Projects Fail

Imagine this. Your team, which has used a traditional waterfall approach for as long as...

Agile Training | Agile, CSM, CSPO, Training

Should the Product Owner Come From the Client or Vendor?

We often see a scenario where we have vendors/contractors working with a client to deliver...

Agile Training | Agile, Kanban, Training

My Journey to Becoming an Accredited Kanban Trainer

The Kanban Method is an empowering approach that helps individuals and teams harness their full...

Agile Transformation | Agile, Project Management, Scrum

What Is A Sprint Retrospective?

One of the keys to making Agile work is acting upon and integrating feedback into...

Agile Training | Agile

How Much Does Agile Training Cost?

As Agile training providers, we’re often asked, “How much does Agile training cost?”  While many...

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